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A Catalyst for Impactful Innovation

Established in 2010, the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U) is Georgia Tech’s living laboratory for fundamental change in education.

Serving as a research arm of the Office of the Provost, C21U’s team of technologists and researchers support Georgia Tech’s mission of innovation by pushing the boundaries of what is already done in higher education in order to bring the most impactful resources and technologies to learners.

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Georgia Tech Student Center, as seen from rear entrance.

We serve as a nexus of collaboration and communication, and a catalyst for innovation, bringing together a broad array of internal and external partners across a wide variety of disciplines.

Through a sustained and systemic program of research, experimentation, design, prototyping, and implementation, C21U serves the Institute in thought leadership, educational technology design, community building, and support of Georgia Tech stakeholders of all ages.

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Recent News

Working Groups Established to Explore Lifetime Learning Unit

14 October 2022

The Georgia Institute of Technology is announcing its intention to launch a new academic unit dedicated to lifetime learning. The new unit will bring together three entities whose work underpins its mission and vision: Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC), and the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U).

C21U highlights AI research at Duke's Emerging Pedagogies Symposium

08 May 2023

Duke Learning Innovation recently organized the “Emerging Pedagogies Symposium: Teaching and Learning in the Age of AI”, which featured a keynote address from C21U's Chief Scientist, Ashok Goel. Goel discussed the far-reaching implications of artificial intelligence for teaching, learning, and educational research.

AI-ALOE Builds on ChatGPT for Innovations in Adult Learning and Online Education

30 March 2023

Recent advances in Generative AI such as ChatGPT and GPT-4 offer new opportunities for learning and education. However, these systems also suffer from problems and pitfalls such as biases and hallucinations. Further, much of the inner functioning of GPT-4 remains opaque to the research community. We detailed four examples of AI-ALOE’s safe and responsible use of ChatGPT as a tool for natural language processing.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no scheduled events.

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Featured Research

Two students walking down a hallway.
14 September 2022

This study aimed to understand the relationship between course activities and learning progress among students enrolled in the MicroMasters certificate program offered in an affordable MOOC-based learning platform. In order to capture the relationship, the differences between the engagement patterns of learners in the MicroMasters program compared to a non-degree MOOC were examined by utilizing machine-learning (ML) techniques in the clickstream database. The ML analyses revealed discrepancies in activity patterns and progress rates of students enrolled in MicroMaster and MOOC courses.

Research & Innovation

The mission of C21U research is to enhance the learner experience by using data to drive instructional action.


Presenting and publishing our research is crucial to advancing knowledge in our field and contributing to the global academic conversation.

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