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Established in 2010, C21U is Georgia Tech’s living laboratory for fundamental change in education. Serving as a research arm of the Office of the Provost, C21U’s team of technologists and researchers support Georgia Tech’s mission of innovation by pushing the boundaries of what is already done in higher education in order to bring the most impactful resources and technologies to learners.

We serve as a nexus of collaboration and communication, and a catalyst for innovation, bringing together a broad array of internal and external partners across a wide variety of disciplines. Through a sustained and systemic program of research, experimentation, design, prototyping, and implementation, C21U serves the Institute in thought leadership, educational technology design, community building, and support of Georgia Tech stakeholders of all ages.

Three Photos from left to right - two scientists in lab coats and goggles, a woman working on her studies on a whiteboard, a woman pair programming with another woman via video chat.


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May 20, 2021

The Digital Credentials Consortium (DCC) is a collaboration between twelve institutions across the world with the goal of creating a centralized platform or standard for academic credentials across universities and other education providers so that students can easily receive, store, and share their credential records. This one-stop solution will enable admission committees and employers to ensure credential accuracy, detect fraudulent credentials, and engage in a holistic assessment of a student’s skills.

Broadly speaking, this project involves three kinds of tools:

March 23, 2021
The cover graphic for the C21U Innovation and Impact Report - showing the title of the report, and three images of students studying together, a lone student working on his homework, and the Klaus building on campus.


February 01, 2021

Since the launch of the Commission on Creating the Next in Education's groundbreaking 2018 report, Deliberate Innovation, Lifetime Education, much has changed at Georgia Tech. We have a new university president and a new provost. We've experienced a completely novel academic year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.