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David Joyner teaching in the online CS 1301 course
Learning Experiments
Launch Date

Georgia Tech and McGraw-Hill Education teamed up on an innovative approach to make elite education more broadly accessible. In 2017, they launched an online, undergraduate course that was made available to both current undergraduate students and in MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) format to help future Georgia Tech applicants earn college credit before they ever set foot on campus.

The online “Introduction to Computing Using Python” course featured the same rigorous content as Georgia Tech’s on-campus course (a requirement for all undergraduates) and was created with McGraw-Hill Education’s adaptive “SmartBook” technology. The course is taught by the College of Computing's David Joyner. Like many other MOOCs, it is freely available through edX, the nonprofit online learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT.

  1. Open learning: Anyone around the world can participate in the course via the edX MOOC and access the educational content for free. You can enroll for this option at:
  2. edX Verified Certificate of Completion: Those who are interested in earning a certificate can enroll in the Verified Certificate track for $99. You can enroll for this option now at
  3. Georgia Tech verification of mastery: MOOC students who successfully demonstrate mastery will earn a statement that may be recognized for credit if they later apply and are admitted to Georgia Tech.
  4. Intro to Computing for Georgia Tech students: Georgia Tech offers the MOOC as an online option for its CS 1301 course requirement for on-campus students. It is supported with voluntary “recitation” sessions each week with teaching assistants.
Taking Undergraduate Computer Science Online “Intro to Computing using Python” goes online

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