Georgia Tech received the Power Learner Potential Organization Award from the 1EdTech Consortium at the 2024 Learning Impact Conference. The award honors organizations for creating innovative, open, and trusted edtech ecosystems that empower learner potential.

Power Learner Potential Award Winner Logo 2024

Georgia Tech earned a Power Learner Potential Organization Award from 1EdTech Consortium™ (1EdTech), the world's leading non-profit edtech collaborative, at the 2024 Learning Impact Conference.

The award is given annually to organizations leading the way in creating innovative, open, and trusted edtech ecosystems that power learner potential. This recognition is a testament to the collective effort of the Georgia Tech community, including members from the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U), Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), and the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Their volunteer and leadership contributions across various areas within the 1EdTech communities of practice and groups have been instrumental in leading educational technology forward. Institute leaders have actively participated in the 1EdTech Higher Education Executive Council (HEEC) and the Higher Education Member Leadership Network (HEMLN), contributing to higher education initiatives' strategic direction and leadership. Institute volunteers have also been crucial voices and members in several Innovation Leadership Networks (ILNs), including the:

  • Emerging Digital Pedagogies ILN, exploring the intersection of pedagogy and technology
  • Learner Success and Data Analytics ILN, leveraging data and analytics to support learner success.
  • Digital Learning Ecosystem ILN, working towards achieving a plug-and-play ecosystem of learning platforms, apps, and tools to enable innovation in teaching and learning.
  • Digital Credentials ILN, establishing and supporting a digital credentials ecosystem based on open standards.

The Institute’s volunteers have also been involved in the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and Caliper Developer Commons, the Digital Credentials Working Group, and the Generative AI Data Task Force, contributing to developing and implementing key technologies and standards. They have also served on the Accessibility and Digital Credentials Product Steering Committees, guiding the development and direction of these critical areas.

“We are thrilled that Georgia Tech has been honored with the prestigious 1EdTech's Power Learner Potential Award. This award recognizes our commitment to shaping the future of education technology and our tireless efforts to overcome challenges with innovative strategies that improve teaching and learning at all levels,” expressed Dr. Steve Harmon, Division of Lifetime Learning’s associate dean of research and C21U’s executive director. Harmon is part of the HEEC and HEMLN groups.

1EdTech is a future-focused member organization where some of the most innovative educational providers and technology companies collaborate to improve digital learning solutions and prepare for future challenges. Members create solutions that enable transformative digital learning experiences and personalized learner journeys through collaborations and standards that work for all stakeholders, boost achievement opportunities, and improve learner success.

“Creating educational technology that supports student success requires cross-boundary leadership spanning IT and curriculum and instruction from stakeholders across K-12, Higher Education, suppliers, governments, and philanthropic funders,” said Sandra DeCastro, vice president of higher education and marketing for 1EdTech. “Our Power Learner Potential Awards recognize those organizations that are the driving force behind groundbreaking strategies and technologies that improve teaching and learning at all levels.”

To earn a Power Learner Potential Award, organizations must demonstrate their leadership and advocacy for the community, participate and be actively engaged in the work, demonstrate innovation and ingenuity, and document their impact on teaching and learning. This year, 1EdTech recognized 16 of its more than 1,000 members with Power Learner Potential Awards.

The Institute is proud of our volunteer's dedication and contributions. Their efforts have been crucial in Georgia Tech receiving this esteemed award. We look forward to continuing our work with 1EdTech and contributing to advancing an open, innovative, and trusted educational technology ecosystem that benefits everyone.