The C21U research team presented ongoing work, Relating Neural Mechanisms for Learning to Instructional Events in Online Learning Environments, at the 2022 International Mind, Brain and Education Society (IMBES) Conference, in Montreal, Canada on July 21st - 23rd, 2022.

In collaboration with researchers from Georgia Tech's School of Psychology, led by Eric Schumacher (Professor of Psychology), this featured project seeks to draw objective evidence of how learning occurs by mapping learners’ cognitive and neuroscientific brain activity to different instructional events in online learning. The work that was presented focused on findings from an exploratory study that takes an initial step to connect neuroscience, learning science, and instructional design.

On behalf of the research team, Meryem Yilmaz Soylu (Research Scientist, C21U), presented this exciting work at both the poster session and the Flash Talk Symposium for SIG22 (Neuroscience and Education) of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

“Our research was well received,” said Yilmaz Soylu. “Overall, given the feedback from other researchers, the attendees found that our work has the potential to expand and encompass current, pressing needs in online learning.”

To learn more about this work, click the following link to open the conference poster: 2022 IMBES Poster Presentation