Professor & Director of GT Savannah, College of Engineering

Dr. J. David Frost is a professor of Civil Engineering at Georgia Tech. Prior to serving as a member of the faculty at Purdue University and Georgia Tech, he worked in industry in Ireland and Canada on a range of natural-resource-related projects, ranging from tailings impoundments to artificial sand islands in the Arctic for oil exploration. At Georgia Tech, where he has been for almost 20 years, he has served as Head of the Geosystems Engineering Group and as Founding Director of the Georgia Tech Regional Engineering Program, and subsequently the Georgia Tech-Savannah campus. In addition to his work at Georgia Tech, Frost is co-founder/owner of a software company that develops digital data collection software and systems with an emphasis on subsurface information. This company has provided data collection and management software systems to more than 350 clients worldwide.

PhD 1989, Purdue University MS 1986, Purdue University BAI 1980, Trinity College, Dublin