The Commission on Creating the Next in Education (CNE) is an initiative of the Educational Innovation Ecosystem, a coordinated effort of Institute units dedicated to the adoption of new and innovative educational methodologies.

Through a multi-phased approach, the Commission will take a look at the Institute’s current methodologies and approaches, benchmark best practices in higher education, including issues of delivery and accessibility, and make recommendations for a plan that will maximize Georgia Tech’s strengths, and position the Institute as a transformational leader amongst research institutions.

Through study, discovery and dialogue, the Commission thinks creatively and broadly about harnessing the power of Georgia Tech’s faculty, students, and culture to imagine the Georgia Tech education of the future.

More specifically, the Commission:

  • Envisions, within the context of Georgia Tech’s strengths, mission, and opportunities, the educational enterprise of the technological research university of the 21st Century
  • Suggests possible road maps to move Georgia Tech to that vision

The Commission’s work and activities includes the following topics:

  • The needs, learning styles and demographics of future graduate and undergraduate students
  • New populations and markets of students and learners
  • Financial models and potential partners
  • Best practices of peers and trends in higher education that align with Georgia Tech’s strengths and mission
  • New ways of engaging with the Georgia Tech community to develop, foster and grow ideas around the Georgia Tech educational experience
  • Experiments, both marginal and transformational, that can be piloted or implemented to move Georgia Tech to the envisioned future state.
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