Principal Research Engineer, Information and Communications Laboratory

Jeff Evans is a researcher with the Information Communication Laboratory (ICL) at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), where researchers work to solve complex problems in computer science, information technology, communications, networking, and socio-technical systems. Customers have included those in the Department of Defense (DoD), emergency response, and health care systems spaces. Evans’ research has focused primarily on modes of communication in emerging technologies, particularly wireless systems, and he is a project director for several advanced network and multimedia communications programs. One of his main research foci involves ensuring applications’ performance as they migrate across differs for legacy systems and emerging, high-bandwidth access technologies. His early work developed into the Network Applications Integration Lab (NAIL) research testbed, which led to his working with campus and other labs across GTRI. After running some of ICL’s research programs in both the DoD and commercial spaces, he was asked to help launch the first multidisciplinary unit, the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT), at Georgia Tech to integrate theoretical research, primary research, and to conduct applied science about the emerging technologies that directly impact people: health care, education, humanitarian systems, and media. He has helped build numerous international and industry partnerships and multidisciplinary “living lab” test beds. Evans helped co-found GTRI’s Foundations for the Future (F3) program, which helps to bring Georgia Tech’s expertise into the state’s K-12 classrooms. ICL also has nationally recognized initiatives that include the FalconView™ Program, the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) information exchange standards; communications research and antenna networks, both for troops and for evaluating IED countermeasures; emergency management technologies; and are developing a comprehensive approach to the Internet of Things.

MS, Georgia Institute of Technology BS, Georgia Institute of Technology