Digital Learning Data Analyst
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While Adrian Gallard was working for an aviation spare parts company, he met a data scientist from the USAF who proved how pivotal a strong grasp on data was for any 21st century organization. From that day on, Gallard studied tirelessly to move into the Data Analytics field. Data Analytics is a field that has proven to be always interesting, fulfilling and most of all impactful for the betterment of team efforts to improve the outcomes sought by C21U.

In his free time, Gallard is a lifelong learner with a penchant for gaining new skills. He's a guitar player of 15 years, soccer player, budding calligraphist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, home chef, and future polyglot. He devotes a great amount of my time to consistently learning and developing new skills and interests.


B.S. Managerial Science, Georgia State University