Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
College of Computing

Colin Potts has training in behavioral science, and his research interests span several areas, including requirements engineering, collaboration in software development, information privacy, and ontology of computing. Each of these areas share the parallel themes of how computing technologies affect the way people think about work and the everyday world, and how the way people interact and think affects the technology that is deployed. In collaboration with Klara Benda, Potts is studying collaborative cognition during software development as it applies to interdisciplinary, open-source development. In addition to teaching introductory computer science and specialization and graduate courses in human-computer interaction, media, and information ethics, Potts is responsible for TA orientation in the College of Computing. He also advocates the development of soft skills, and he plays an active role in study-abroad programs.

PhD, University of Sheffield, UK BSc, Durham University, UK